Joyful childhood chocolate memories

One of my fondest early childhood memories is when my father on a boat ride reached into his jacket pocket and gave me 2 squares from his own secret dark chocolate stash. This chocolate ceremony in the boat became a family tradition and I remember how I looked forward to these one-hour rides when we took us by boat between our home in Ekenäs to our summer island in the archipelago.  Another memory, which still evokes warm feelings, is when my grandmother served my cousin and me hot chocolate “fika” in fancy green cups when we were visiting her in the afternoons.

I am thinking of these memories right now while writing the text for a brochure for RekoSkolan and JoY Choko. So why did I found a company where social sustainability and chocolate are in focus? Maybe these first childhood memories of chocolate, love, family and a good feeling of community is one reason.

For me social sustainability within the cacao and chocolate industry is crucial. I love chocolate and it makes me happy and why shouldn’t the hardworking people who grow, process and make the chocolate I use and eat have good lives and a chance to happiness as well? This can seem naive but it is my way of coping in this crazy world and this thought gives me strength to keep on working on my projects.


Me in our wooden boat Furuholken. You can still see the traces of chocolate around my mouth.


Seeing my grandson Aio experience a chocolate fountain last summer for the first time took me back to my own happy memories of chocolate. Here is a movie I made from the summer party with Danish friends.

skärmavbild 2019-01-12 kl. 22.35.18


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